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Dr. Eddie DelValle is a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor. He is President of the US Agency for Christian Counseling & Credentials and is qualified to help in any area of mental health. Dr. DelValle holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling and has extensive experience working with familes, couples, individuals, adolescents and children. He is lead counselor for the Juvenile Diversion STARS Program with the Department of Juvenile Justice. He has served as a provider for them for over 9 years and has been assisting the courts with court ordered domestic violence, parenting classes, divorce, anger management, drug and substance abuse. His powerful cognitive, behavioral, and reality therapy methodology has helped his clients have breakthroughs throughout his tenure as a counselor.  No matter what the issue, if you are ready to change and want power, love and a sound mind, Dr. DelValle will help you get the breakthrough you deserve.

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Mental Health Tip For The Week: Using Foresight
This weeks mental health tip is from a powerful word and action called foresight.  We can use foresight to maintain a sense of balance and control over our lives.  Foresight =  the ability to see what will or might happen in the future. It is not in any way a psychic ability but rather a conscious effort to focus on the here and now and attempt to see if we can make a difference or control the circumstances as they play out.  Using the weather is the best example I can think of to help you understand the meaning of foresight.  You can listen to the weather man or read the forecast before stepping out and that will give you an idea of how to prepare as you step out for the day. By knowing ahead (foresight) you can avoid a potential down pour from drenching you. 
Driving is also a good analogy to borrow from to clearly understand how foresight works.  As you drive you can begin to think about your road trip and certain things that can happen or certain possibilities with predictable outcomes.  As you think in the present as you drive, you can use foresight to figure out what you will do if an animal comes out in front of you or if your car catches a flat tire, or if there is traffic ahead. 
There are certain things you can do in the here to help you for an upcoming event by using foresight.  By being conscious in the present about what could happen you more or less can predict the outcome.  Of course no one can ever predict or control a future outcome totally, but by thinking ahead we can take a plan of action and redirect our plans and efforts. As the serenity prayer states, we can control what we can.  We can come up with scenarios or think to ourselves, :how will I act if or when this happens?"  By controlling what we can we are not powerless or defenseless all every circumstance with people, places or things. 
If foresight does one thing it prevents you from being a victim of your circumstances.  The next time you're not sure about a person, place or thing, use foresight and you may be surprised how much you can do to prevent chaos and mistakes in the future.  I always use foresight in my marriage and it works really well most of the time.  I also use foresight with my finances and spending habits and it sure does take the pinch out of spending impulsively.  Try using it next time you make plans or are thinking about a future event.  Foresight can save you many headaches, and most of all from being caught off guard from life's events.  Foresight can be summed up as having a plan before you go.


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